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Locker Room Talk

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In an attempt to chase away my Sunday blues, I forced myself to hit the gym before work this morning. I spent some time on the elliptical trainer (this acitvity would be unbearable without my lovely pink bitch) and then joined a core/stretch class to train my weakest link into supporting my posture. Afterwards I headed for the locker room, looking forward to a hot shower and some sauna time.

I love the women's locker room at my gym. There are a ton of inspiring middle aged women. All fit, all dedicated, all comfortable in their own skin. They are there all the time and their dedication and camaraderie are infectious. This morning they were really hooping it up about boobs. One woman had noticed that hers were starting to sag and she reminisced that she had once been told that they were perky.

I stood on my side of the locker room, eagerly listening in. Part of me wanted to badly to jump in on the conversation, but I was unsure how to contribute. I was decades younger than the others. I hit the showers and took my time in the sauna.

Getting dressed, a woman sitting next to me said hello. "We girls are really noisy in the morning aren't we? Feel free to join in. We're here every morning." We introduced ourselves and talked about how great it is to get your workout done first thing. What kind of workouts we enjoy etc.. It turns our she lives around the corner from me.

I hope I do manage to infiltrate their locker room community one day. I was smiling as I biked to work, thinking how nice it must be for them to have each other as motivators, a friendship reward for getting out of bed so early. I hope they are there in the winter months, because that's when I will need it most!

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