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Coming out of retirement

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For the past year or so, I have considered myself a retired party girl. I used to go out ALL the time but ever since my fun with TB, I have cooled it down somewhat.

Last Wednesday, after a night of whisky and cognac and bowling with co-workers (spot me looking unhappy here) I had my usual Thursday morning, "I am never drinking again cos it always makes you feel like poo" day.

But then, after a lovely Saturday spent soaking up the sun in St. Jacobs and hanging out with Pony and Kiff, jonesing on fresh fruit and veg (gorgeous peppers!) being sold by the Amish, I went out with some co-workers to see Serenity. The movie was brilliant. I am a huge Firefly fan and the movie does not disappoint. Afterwards we hit Seven West for drinks.

First we had some yummy wine. Then my beloved vodka martini replete with olives.. Soon I was convincing Joey to join us at a house party near my place. The dude and I cycled home, weaving our way through traffic. Poor Joey had a creepy cab drive but she made it and we went on to the party. And we partied on and on. I had a lot of fun that night.. and even enjoyed sleeping in and feeling crappy Sunday morning.

We drank lots of strong coffee and watched season one of Lost until we felt human again. At which point we brunched, stuffing as many fresh St. Jacob's veg as we could into our omelettes and then we ventured out... I went shopping (got some wicked wool tweed pants that are both cropped and flared and weren't too $$ at my fave store, Risque, too bad it's freakin hot out today - 32 degrees with the humidity in October!) and then to the gym. The dude met up with Ariel for PM and they cycled the Toronto Island and did boy stuff like drink beer and talk shit.

Then we met up at home and cooked up a storm of foods for the holidays:
Apple Crisp (it smelled so yummy it took every once of willpower to save it for lunch with our guests tomorrow)
Romanian Eggplant (reminds me of brunching at Baba Sally and Zeida Carl's as a kid. We used to show up starving and steal all the olives before we ever sat down. I never liked the herring though!)
Tonight we will be making a green bean and potato salad. YUM.

I don't know if it's the crisp air or my love of fall fashion, but all of a sudden I am really into partying again. I can't wait to go out and socialize, I want to throw a shindig every weekend. It's nuts.

Haag Sameach kiddies!

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