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As I thought, I am nowhere near as cool as Stu. The first ten tracks to play on my pink bitch this a.m. were heavy on the hippity hop (good) but there was a Groove Armada double hitter which is a bit difficult to stomach early on a Friday morning after too late a Thursday night:

Jappy Jap- People Under The Stairs off O.S.T. Love these guys. Not my fave track but still solid. I bought this album at the Montreal jazzfest three years ago, I first saw them play with Ugly Duckling (Journey To Anywhere is still one of my fave albums - so fun!)

Rock N Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) - Handsome Boy Modeling School from So How's Your Girl Great song, great album.

Yer Blues - The Beatles from The White Album. Definitely not one of my fave Beatles tracks but it works.

Buggin Out - A Tribe Called Quest from The Low End Theory. Tribe can do no wrong but I have overplayed some of their more popular tracks. Not burnt out on this one yet.

All Alone - Gorillaz off Demon Days. It took me awhile to appreciate this album but now I am sold. Enjoying their new album too.

Take Me Home - Groove Armada from The Best Of. Groove Armada is so four years ago but sometimes it makes for fun driving music. It reminds me of sunsets, beaches and being loaded.

Lullaby & Exile - M.Ward from Transistor Radio. I came by this album indirectly through kiff. He recommended it to my pal Sterls when she was in town, she bought it, I duped it and subsequently fell in love. Sweet.

Old To Begin - Pavement from Brighten the Corners. Still one of my favourite albums ever. I know everyone votes for Slanted and Enchanted but this album really sums up my last year in university. I know every lyric.

Man I Used To Be - k-os off of Joyful Rebellion, a great single on a good Canadian album. I know my k-os fling won't last but I am enjoying it while it's here.

If Everybody Looked The Same - Groove Armada also off The Best Of and one of my favourite G.A. tracks. The lyrics are amusing and beats get you going but truthfully I wish this list could offer more variety. Was more in the mood for Bertrand Burgalat or Aracade Fire or even Franz.

Anyone bought the new Franz album yet? I hear good things and am going to pick it up after work. Also kiff claims I need the new Blackalicious. He knows things.

My work day is pretty workity today so I am just soaking up the tunes and dreaming of drinking. I am the stereotypical stereotype.

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