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Friday fun facts

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- I have only posted about 9 times since starting this new job three months ago.
- Less than once a week. This sucks.
- The office is super quiet today.
- It's like spring break in my head.
- I think I have worked out for three weeks straight. Tomorrow is my first day off. Thank god.
- Going into Montreal tonight. Hoping to kiss family hello and hit the slopes with my dad (and one bro, and the dude.)
- I just hit publish before I was done this list. doh.
- I watched all of Freaks & Geeks in January and loved every minute of it. I was totally the Lindsay character. At least in my mind. Hollett, I bet you were Millie! It's written by the same guy who wrote 30 Year Old Virgin, which didn't blow me away. This show on the other hand was brilliant. Man, high school memories, hurts so good!
- This month the dude is trying to get me to watch BSG. I liked the miniseries but the TV show is like a sci-fi soap opera on steroids. I frakin hate that stupid doctor. Ugh. I don't know if I will make it through the series.
- It's freezing out here in Canada for all your Wisconsinite/Hawaiian weather reporters.
- In a month from now I will be boarding a plane to Paris!
- In less than a month from now I will be old.
- Old enough to know better.
- Old enough to wish that "thirtysomething" was on teevee today so that I could understand it.
- I have so much work stories I wish I could share but can't. Like the guy who winks at me, and I can't discern if it is a twitch or a hello or an evil plot thickening.
- I am wholly addicted to coffee. I never used to crave it from the moment I woke up but now it's all I can think about. I can't actually function until I gulp it down. Please help me! I even drink the crappy harsh acidic stuff when desperate. Or the cold pot that's been sitting in the meeting all day. Ok well I don't drink it old and cold, that's gross. But I've thought about it.
- Ok I better hit publish as my half-entry is still up there.
- Oh yeah and giraffes have no vocal chords according to popbitch.

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