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How ANTM Saved My Life

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So I have been having one of the most stressful work weeks ever. I swear I sprouted five new white hairs yesterday. Three chin zits. And at least one new wrinkle.

Luckily I had a massage planned for after work. Of course, I had to rush there because my work here is never done. The massage was helpful though because it reminded me to breathe. What a novelty!

Then I got home, made some soup and the phone started ringing off the hook. Pleasant chat about hi, how are you, was just fine. Until I was asked, how is work going. Well the truth is it's going about fine as work can but I am really trying not to think about it for the next 12 hours. The phone kept ringing, but I managed to put a fake smile in my voice and move on.

I slurped my soup, flipped through some fashion magazine and remained calm until I look at my to do list. I owed a call to the videographer from our wedding. He had called two weeks ago. We've now been married for more than 2.5 years so really what's another day? But seeing as it was my only night in this week and the quickest thing to knock off the list, I decided to make the call. I won't get into details but it brought back all the stresses of the wedding. We hadn't even wanted a video, this had been a parental initiative. Sigh.

I took a hot shower, crawled into bed and was reading when the dude came home an hour later. That's when I remembered, we had ANTM to watch!

It was awesome. I am absolutely totally addicted to American's Next Top Model. Nothing eases stress for me like underweight, gangly, American teens. The dude and I always root for the smart ones. We like a full package, dumb but beautiful just doesn't cut it. I love to hate too. Dani and Jade are perfect examples. I thought Dani would get into the house just for controversy but I am so glad that small town Texas cheerleader got the boot.

Where else do people openly bash gays and black people, in front of a panel of gays and black people? Or teenagers get wasted on champagne just to prove a point. It is like crack teevee and I want more, more, more! I also enjoy snacking while I watch it cos it gives me extra pleasure knowing most of those girls never get to eat solid foods.

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