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Indecision 2006

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I know you might be hoping for some zany Jon Stewart-like entry here. If so, click away now cos this entry, like all the rest, is all about me. I keep my politics like all my other dirty secrets (tucked into my pants.)

Seriously though, I suck at making decisions. Especially the big huge heartstopping decisions. The ones that paralyze me into a catatonic state.

When I look at a menu, I know exactly what I want. But sometimes, there are two dishes that look equally fab and I can't decide. This is not the real problem. I know I can just choose a dish and if it's less than great, I can mooch off friends or just eat extra bread calories.

When it comes to clothes shopping, I often need a second opinion but again, I can make those choices pretty easily. I just run a quick calculation on variables such as fit, cost, mix with current wardrobe press enter, and if i have the cash, I will just buy it. Besides I am an expert at rationalizing and know that I can almost always back out and return it if I change my mind.

It's the do I or don't I where I get stuck. Do I tell such and such that I this and that? Do I force myself to go to said event even though I am totally burnt out? Should I commit to this?

I think it stems from a number of things:
- I want to do it all.
- I don't want to hurt anyone.

I do try to make pro/con lists. I also drive all my friends batty with should I or shouldn't I monologues. How do you do make these big decisions? Any tips?

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