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boys and girls

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And so the countdown begins...

I am now in the third trimester. I have a full on belly. It seems huge and I still have three months to go. I am starting to wonder about things beyond just names and gender and hair colour. Things like:

Labour and delivery - How will I cope? Originally I thought yes to drugs all the way, now I am not so sure.
Timing - What if the baby comes early? We are so unprepared. So far all we have is a onesie I got when visiting the Yahoo! offices in Sunnyvale CA last week. Ooh and a cute potential diaper bag (I am all about the accessories.)
The whole, being a mom, lacking sleep and breastfeeding thing.

I know this is all normal and many have managed with a lot less preparedness. We will be more than fine. Then again, I am the kind of girl who needs a plan in case of a sudden (un)natural disaster. (Our current plan is to escape the city on our bikes with some booze, and our steak knives - for defense purposes naturally!) Planning is in my genetic makeup. There is a 50% chance that it is in baby k's too, so maybe they will show up the Tuesday after my due date, as that is my current bet.

Oh and for anyone asking about cravings, I think these are bogus but I will admit that my current passion for feta cheese is overwhelming. I could eat village style (no lettuce!) greek salad for every meal!

Oh and regarding the boys and girls in the title, I can't get Blur's song of that name from Parklife out of my head. It seems every day someone offers an opinion as to what gender the baby will be. Girls favour girls. Boys favour boys. Strangers say girl. Friends (other than Adina!) say boy. My mom is desperate for a girl. The dude only refers to it as him/he until I poke him in the ribs (the dude, not the baby) and remind him it could be a daddy's girl.

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