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So our little Mia is now a month old. I suddenly understand when parents say they grow up so fast. I have no idea where the time went - well ok, most of it has been spent with baby on my boob, or diapering baby or shushing and swaddling fussy baby. Oh and there was some laundry thrown in there too.

In the early days of being a new parent, it is as if you are also infant. You have the same priorities: eat, sleep, pee and poop and you need some help and support if you are going to manage to accomplish any of these fundamental tasks.

We are starting to develop more of a routine these days and we are lucky that our baby girl is a fairly easy baby. She is generally quite calm and a relatively good sleeper (I am sure my new 4:00 p.m. is now beer o'clock habit doesn't hurt.) She is also super cute which makes all the suffering (it's 3 a.m., she won't sleep and we really need to) worthwhile.

She has earned herself many nicknams as such as Mad Eye Mia as she will stare at you with one eye open and grunt. Total pirate baby. She also loves 80s hair bands as the dude discovered during a cranky nighttime episode, when in desperation he started belting Twisted Sister's "We're not going to take it! No, we ain't going to take it!" and she was instantly shushed. This seems to quiet her quickly but fills me with fear if those hairstyles come back into fashion when she is a teenager, her red spiky hair is already starting to curl and kink in preparation for new wave grunge or whatever the style will be called then. (Dear Kheil's - if you 'd like to add a hair product for newborns to your baby line, we're sold!)

It's taken me two days to find bits of time to compose this, and at the moment she is lying in her sling, snoring away on my lap, my life is now set at a very different pace.

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