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don‘t skip breakfast thursday, february 9th, 2007

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Fat Pat: Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

Breakfast - wait for it.....nothing
Lunch - smoked turkey, cucumber wrap (billed as 99% fat free), soy chips
Dinner - Chicken Salad (as in a salad with chicken on top)

WT: 236 (Down 2.0 pounds)

Speed walk to train and then from train to work (1.2 miles total)
Same in reverse (1.2 miles total)
30 pushups (all wide arm)

I have tripled my water in take, and reduced my carb in take (mostly reducing the bread - and cutting out pizza night). We have new satellite office in my building at work, which means up and down stairs and down a long hallway about thirty times a day. This increases the amount of movement I do at work by about 900%.

Anytime I walk for more than fifteen steps, I suck in my abs and get a slight Ab workout while I walk. It's not crunches, but it's something.

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don‘t skip breakfast thursday, february 9th, 2007

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