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Wednesday, November 3, 2004
Shit am I hungover, did I totally elect a president last night?

It's pretty clear to most people who know me or read anything vaguely political that I've written that I'm an extroverted democrat. I mean, it's hard to miss it with all my anti-Bush bitching.

My disappointment at the results of this new election don't lie even 50% in the fact that he was reelected. I am disappointed mostly because I really, honestly, felt that it was going to be different.

Everyone knew/assumed that the race would be close. Down to the wire. That went without saying. What I think everyone was shocked by is that every state, for the most part, voted exactly the way they had in 2000.

I had seen more people acting political than ever before in all my existance. I heard more complaining. Louder voices. "This administration has let us down." I thought that this election would be the catalyst for a rising up of the section of the US tired of the bullshit excuses that wouldn't even fly for forgetting to do your homework in third grade.

I dunno. Maybe it was. But maybe the other side was just as charged too. I didn't see any hard numbers on the voters this time as opposed to last, but I guess I can at least grudgingly muster up some benefit-of-the-doubt.

So where now? Where do we go from this? I feel failed, I just don't know who's responsible.

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