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*As in "Welcome to" and where "Gator Country"
means "Los Angeles"

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comment cards: so handy

what I wrote on my response card before checking out:

what kind of cruel hotel gives you a room fridge with nothing in it? Hilton Honors. Hilton Honors your sobriety with an empty buzzing fridge with no booze. Hilton Honors you by seducing you with the possibility of earning points so your morning bagel is free but does not give you drinks or snacks in your room. Hilton Honors the fact that it is 4:30 pm and you just got off a long flight at BWI airport where baggage claim is shut down for no good reason and you are about to chew your hand off but now you have to go downstairs and scrounge for a granola bar because where is the room service menu. also, thank you for the turn down service and chocolate, it was divine. ps:  i broke the tv.

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