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*As in "Welcome to" and where "Gator Country"
means "Los Angeles"

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· red wine, for the people.
· for donnie's knock at the door
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cinnamon man
you just left, starbucks in hand, sweet as a dream cheese danish. cinnamon man, faith healer, health habit, you floated me like the pacific and i think you, i think on you, about you and thank you.

white sheet wrapped freshly fucked protruding bottom lip to suck and one long tan, Oh! cinnamon man, i can take my hand and reach and stretch and stretch and follow that invisible line down your hands down down down down. i am down here down here swimming at the bottom of the bay flame haired mermaid with deep green rollers rolling over and white foam spray and diving under and my what a big. ocean.

look at the sea evaporating off me! so exhausted on the hot sand you held my hand but when i woke, you were gone. there you are, water's edge, kneeling down to find i don't know what, some tiny thing you noticed look at the things you notice and the sun is setting behind you and the mountains of malibu. tonight we will smoke cloves over the cliffs and blow sweet purple smoke at the moon.

cinnamon tsunami slow roller man let's have pad thai and hot coconut curry in a hut by the beach. two singhas, three! i sing ha! and you are a cut of lime in my mouth. i think you, i think on you, about you and thank you.

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