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on heroes

God, this is an uncertain and ugly world sometimes. Look how we treat each other. Think about the ways we hurt each other, much less the ones we love.

We are all afraid sometimes. It seems overwhelming when you think what it must take to make a stand, when you feel that you are standing alone against it all.

But we could be heroes. We could cast the shadows and set the examples. We could love with abandon despite our fear. We could love only those who deserve our love. And we could make ourselves worthy of that love.

People will always judge you. But I've found that we treat ourselves the worst of all: we edit ourselves, we stop ourselves from exploding from the boundaries we think we have.

What does it take to be a hero? For me, it's standing against that which I'm most afraid of:

I'm afraid of losing and losing publicly,

I'm afraid of being judged when that happens,

I'm afraid of how I'll feel like a failure and what that would do to my soul,

I'm afraid of growing stronger because the tests I'll need to overcome to grow will become harder and harder, and

I'm afraid of loving, because trust is a loaded gun.

Loss, Judgment, Failure, Heartache, Love.

I'm going to take a stand and say what I believe in and admit my fears. Damn what everyone else thinks or says. And if I'm the only one standing here, well, maybe I'm my own best company for now.

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