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so i went through my junk and couldn't find anything that i felt was underappreciated. that being said, here's my list of what i'd like to see:

1. pony write about what being married and in love feels like
2. tropical depression give a detailed detailed description of what hawaii smells like -- the beach, the rainforest after it rains -- why she would want to leave, and a minutely detailed description of one tiny snail, darwin-style
3. art colony -- don't change baby, i'm addicted -- just more biff-angst, what you ate for breakfast, why certain movies suck/don't suck and what you plan on doing if you're gonna leave the midwest
4. i want more stories (real or imagined) from nutshell kingdom about those crazy roommates he used to have. have you ever thought about finishing those 50 states anyway? it's ok.
5. solstice -- more more more! where have you been?
6. i want stu to write about his first crush
7. i want honkey cracker to write about his first crush on stu
8. the wrong squid to write about what he really saw that day on the train when he was playing his ipod
9. robot journal -- just to get drunk and call people with mrs. robot! call me! miss you guys. ; )
10. when the movie is made about FTR, who would play you?
11. sunshine jen -- i'd love to hear more about ireland and whether you actually own a fisherman's sweater
12. ornith -- your own secrets to romancing women! and who is cooler, luke or owen wilson?
13. lisa -- your next day "off" -- what will you do with your mini-vacation if you could go anywhere, do anything?
14. elana -- you first day of work! good luck!!
15. up-g and over-b: write about that glorious thing called love but don't make it number 18
16. klutch please write about sticky, seedy hotels
17. adult content, river rat, and TIM?!? where u been?
18. please please road dust more like your last post - i'm still in awe, don't know what to say - maybe a past/future/real/imaginary road trip as metaphor for an emotional journey? dunno.
19. dog years: anything capitalizing on your sarcastic sense of humor.
20. cootie girl -- more about your days in high school!!!
21. anne, anything more like your last one -- maybe the flip side of death? dunno. but that was such a great post.
22. learning to fall; the way i see it -- where have you been?
23. rider: anything
24. eric w: more more more!

more more more!!!!

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