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today's letters to KJ
KJ is the kid I sponsor through Save The Children. He lives in Iloilo in the Philippines. His nickname is "Toto"!

One thing I learned about myself today -- I had to write down "my top 10 favorite things" for him. Here's the list:

1. ice cream
2. my dogs
3. my family
4. my friends
5. the ocean
6. my motorcycle
7. freedom
8. sunshine
9. laughing
10. learning new things

And this is what I wrote in response to "It makes me happy to ...."

1. meet new people
2. travel around the world
3. make other people happy

And here's my letter to him (sent via email):

Hi KJ! Sorry it has taken me so long to write! You may not know this, but I am an attorney -- I hear that you are thinking about being an attorney some day! Well, it definitely involves a lot of travel for me. I just returned to Los Angeles, California after a long time on the road. But I love what I do. If you have any questions about what it means to be a lawyer, just let me know.

So you live in Iloilo and are in the first grade? Good for you!!! I hope you study hard and are enjoying school. Learning English is difficult, but I will continue to write, and maybe someday you will be able to read all the letters so easily! What is your native language? Tagalog? I'll see if I can write you in your native language.

I walked to school for many years too!

You know, my grandfather is buried in Manila (from World War II). My family almost moved to the Philippines when I was 12 years old. I really wanted to go, but my mom didn't want to leave the U.S., so we stayed in Arkansas at the time. I was really excited to live in another country besides the U.S.

I know you probably hear a lot about the U.S. and all the things that we are doing around the world. I am hopeful some day that all the things the U.S. does are those related purely to spreading peace, not war. I am against war totally. Against fighting. So feel free to express to me any sentiments you have about my country because I'm more than willing to listen. It makes me very sad that the U.S. spends so much money on "defense", when it's really "offense". I hope I'm not getting too far afield for you. One thing you'll realize is that I'm very honest!

Anyway, I'm sending you a letter and pictures of myself and my puppies. I got two doggies this year!! One is a maltese and the other is a cockapoo (that's a mix of a cocker spaniel and a poodle). Their names are Fatty McGee and Hoggs McGee. Really silly names! But you'll love the pictures.

Say hi to everyone over there for me. And Kamusta! for being you.

Oh! And happy late birthday! November 7th! I was in San Antonio, Texas on your birthday. Let's see, ang aking kaarawan March 27, 1970. I hope I typed that right.

I also just realized that red is your favorite color! Mine too! Ang kulay ng buhok ko ay "red" [that means my hair color is red] and ang kular ng mga mata ko ay "blue" [that means my eye color is blue]!

I hope I'm writing this stuff correctly!

OK! Study hard and be good to everyone. I'll send my other letter with the photos to you today!

Have a great day, Toto!

Maraming salamat!

(tinatawag nila akong "jay-nee")

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