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I'm kind of all set with people making phone calls while on the toilet
I'm kind of all set with people making phone calls while on the toilet. The line has to be drawn. I had a roommate who used to do that actually. She would grab our cordless phone, call up her sister, start bullshitting, and then eventually wandered into the bathroom with the door slamming in her wake. I don't really like people talking to me when I'm on a job and I sure as hell am not going to call a buddy in the middle of "me time". The men's room at work is kind of the worst because I've heard multiple conversations in there at once. Like I'm in a row of phone booths in Grand Central Station. There's really no call for it. I was just in there earlier today and heard one side of an impassioned conversation, "Uh-huh, okay, that's unbelievable...right...okay. Well it was great talking to you." Then came the flush. As far as I'm concerned you should only be bringing three things into the bathroom with you (besides an bottomless lust for life) and they are: a newspaper, a book, and a sandwich (depending on the job).

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