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Get His Hat (words from J.W.):
Last week I got a very bad haircut which is just starting to heal. I opted to go to a place in my neighborhood based on the recommendation of a friend, whose hair looks just fine to me. I'm really not sure this barber knew what he was doing, as sometimes it seemed that he was just snipping at the air to create the illusion that he was cutting more hair than he actually was. It reached a certain point where I was just creeped out and wanted to get out of there ASAP, it just didn't matter what my head looked like. The end result is that I wound up with a bit of a fade style and considering the route my hair is going these days less is certainly not more. Oh yeah and the weirdest part of this whole experience was that I sort of got a shoulder massage out of this whole thing. It wasn't a "happy ending" sort of massage, just sort of an awkward massage from your barber type of thing. He hand some thing that he slipped his fingers into and switched it on and it started vibrating. Has anyone else experienced something like this at the barber? The truth of the matter was I was having a crappy week and this might have been the high point of it. Then he slapped some cologne on the back of my reddened neck and sent me out the door reeking like some sort of 50's suburban dad.

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