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Get His Hat (words from J.W.):
I can't believe the last thing I wrote about was the kid with the hot dog gun. Sorry about that. School is out for summer and I am trying to do more with my time than work and TV. My friend Krista sent me a Slate article today about that new Neil Young biography called "Shakey" I think. Apparently, Mr. Young sometimes hires fans of his to become part of his inner sanctum. I don't know that I'm as obsessive a Neil Young fan as Krista seems to think I am, but if Neil Young calls then I would like to think I would step up to the plate. I mean, I'm sure Neil Young needs someone to build Excel spreadsheets for him all the time, I could be that person! I can only imagine what sort of arcane filing system he has for his flannel shirts, again I could straighten all that out for him. I know it's a long shot and the grass is always greener but for me to not at least consider this option would be foolish at best. How do I know I could work for Neil Young? Well just look at my top three criteria for an ideal boss:
1. Canadian
2. Big-assed sideburns
3. A voice like an angel
What's not to like?

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