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Let Us Collapse Our Lungs Together

"Then one day
The boy was walking through town
And he came upon the Minister's daughter.
The Minister's daughter was so beautiful,
The most beautiful girl the boy had ever seen,
And on this particular day,
She looked more beautiful than ever.
He decided that he was finally going to say something to her,
When she turned to him and asked him where he was going.
He told her he was just walking around,
And she looked deeply into his eyes and said,
"I know something wonderful we can do, boy."
-King Missile

I have found something wonderful girl and it's made in the south and it is called tobacco! It's rolled tightly and comes packaged in 20's. All the kids are doing it and, man, is it marvelous. I went to a show on Friday night and there before me were all these people, rocking in time, each third or fourth person taking out their own personal special device and lighting up! The end flames up and then settles down to a small red ember and then, and, get this, it kisses their lips sweetly. They close their eyes, their body relaxes just slightly and then slowly, this is important, slowly they exhale the most beautiful blue patterns I have ever seen.

We have to try this!

I know this guy who says he can get us some. They are called cigarettes and he knows the best brands, the best size, the best ratio of tar to nicco-tine. He is willing to share his secret for a limited time and for only six bucks a pop. He promises it'll be worth it baby. He tells me we'll be coming back for more.

What do you say girl? Should we give it a shot? We're young and got nothing to lose and it makes you so fucking cool! Tattoos are last years fad and even my boss is pierced. This is something that we can own. You can have the lights and I'll take the reds. We can lie down and watch the stars and when the world gets a little too bright, the smoke is there to set things right.

I can see it now girl. Windows down, not a care in the world. Driving down Mem Drive doing seventy-five. You and me, the Reverend on CD. Hot! We'll be the toast of the town. Kids and dogs will chase us and we'll just laugh, knowing what they do not know, and then we'll take another drag. Fill our lungs till they start to itch and then the release. Ohhh. We'll leave trails like God behind us.

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