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Big Fat Random!

I am a vegetarian. Vegan, specifically, for the past 2+ years. I do it for my own reasons, don't expect those around me to refrain from eating meat and try my best to avoid being a total asshole about it.

That being said, it's "good friday" and I am going to go out to lunch and eat a big ass steak just to spite the Catholics! I'll apologize to my colon in the morning.

Has anyone seen my pants? They were ill fitting, but I was quite fond of them.

***shameless plug and promotion****

My roommate (and sometimes we kiss) ChrisQ has started a blog! She is funny and writes nice words. If you like to read nice words and look at nice pictures you can visit and take a look. Just click on her little head to go to the blog. You can click on my little head too, but it will just take you to a page with a link which when you click it will take you right back to the robot. It's a circular thing and is guaranteed to make someone a hell of a lot of money.

I had a staff meeting this morning (all staff as opposed to, say, small staff or brawl staff) and learned that this large-failing-not-for-profit-cultural-institution that employs me just lost it's accreditation with a much larger national association. It's really funny that they spun this info to make it look like a good thing, cause we just don't have enough "challenges" to face already. I hope the press gets hold of this.

If you read my comment board from my previous post you'll see that I have neglected to respond to many of your queries.

I answer now. Here you go.

Pony, are we friends? Do you have my pants? If you have them and give them back then yes, you are my friend. Otherwise, we'll just have to see . . .

K, I appreciate your joining the fan club, but F.Y.I. there is a small fee. I'll drop you an e-mail to tell you where to forward the payment.

Pat, next time you see my girlfriend kick her purse. Apparently my balls are in there.

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