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and today's guest author is . . .

Hello my little Robot friends. Today "Klutch.xls" is guest authored by close friend and evil genius Johnny Mattoid. Read on and enjoy:

"So, I try really hard not to watch the news or even see the headlines on or as it tends to drive me into a crazed rage and small, innocent children and fluffy creatures are often harmed in what would best be described as a "tantrum." However, I recently did see that US forces have captured Dr. Germ in Iraq. Dr. Germ?

Granted, I went away for a few days and was isolated from all media in the Mountains of Lenox Mass and as such have lost touch with how ridiculous and absurd and insulting and cheap and subversive our government really is. But Dr. Germ - I mean that really takes the cake.

Who is Dr. Germ? Does he/she call him/herself Dr. Germ? Is he/she friends with Magneto? Is he in league with Doctor Octupus and Lex Luthor? Are the Riddler and the Joker also on our list of 52 Iraqi Fugitives From Justice?

And more importantly, is the American publc buying this shit? Do we not realize how totally crazy it is to have our government announcing that is it pleased to have captured Dr. Germ? Or Chemical Ali? What is going on? Does anyone realize that this is all thinly veiled propaganda? And our government put these people on playing/trading cards? Are they like pogs? Are people saying things like: "I'll trade you my Saddam Hussien Rookie Card for your Spiderman Issue Number One as long as it is in mint condition."

I have to go now and beat my skull into someting hard and sharp.


Dr. Germ "

Klutch.xls will return with his own words as soon as his cat is done playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on his computer . . .

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