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Fecal Fraudulence

What was "Diamond Dave" David Lee Roth thinking when he wrote "Knucklebones."

Let me refresh your memory:

"Beat this squeeze!
Because we're hittin' the road
And we're pumpin' thunder
Mama, look out for down below
Get the show on the road
It's really no wonder
You can feel it right down
To your Knucklebones"

Come on people. We bought this album. Any insight?

I start a new job in two weeks and already I am terrified that I will have no place to poop in peace. I had a job once where I would walk over 6 blocks to go and poop in a mall. I wonder if the Fleet center has large roomy bathrooms I could slip into between the hours of 12-3. God, I hope so.

I am also terrified that the job I am leaving will realize that I was a fraud. Why, you ask. Well, because I am a fraud.

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