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caution (lot's of the f***ing "f" word inside)

Two weeks ago my partner in crime and passion, "the Q," took a work trip to Sarsronto where she met the lovely Pony and ate delicious veggie foods. For this trip I made her a "mix-CD (the new millenium's 'mix-tape')". At that time I had no idea I would be leaving my current job, but as I look at the songs I chose, I may have subconsiously known I was leaving. Here are the songs, liner notes as to why they relate to me leaving my job, names of pets I have had over the years, and my favorite color.

p.s. The RIAA can kiss my ASS!!! Stop on by and I'll show you whatever copyright you might be looking for you fuckers!!!

1. Kid A - John Mayer: This cover of a Radiohead song is delightful and closes with the line "the Rats and Children follow me out of town." I gave notice and 3 others in my office are leaving within a week of my departure. FUCK YOU FISH!

2. Gizmo: FUCK YOU YOU FUCK! You died in the litter box and I had to bury you in the backyard. Thank's a lot. That was a really great experience for a manic depressive 10 year old.

3. Rugrat: Mr. Kelly came to pick up Steve and when he came in he said you were laying dead on the front steps. Nice move YOU FUCK! I was home all alone and I was only 13 and my best friend was dead on the front fucking steps.

4. Fuck and Run - Liz Phair: O.K., well I guess I am the one running now, but for most of the time at this god forsaken hell hole I felt just like Liz Phair in this song.

5. Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley: Umm, yeah . . .this is the last goodbye . . .you fuck!

6. Perrywinkle

7. I'm Nobody's Hippy - Kimya Dawson: Fuck you! I'm nobody's fucking hippy! YOU FUCK!

8. Cassie: Mom said you were a farm cat. But mom, she was born in our basement. No Klutch, she wants to be a farm cat. But I love her, mom. I know, Klutch, but when she cries at night it's because she misses the farm. No mom, please don't take her away.

Yeah, right mom, I'm sure you took her to "the farm." Thanks. A Lot.

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