lionel who?


Klutch.xls: Pork Chop Sandwiches!?!?!?

Tar Heels

Oh my God, did I see that the Tar Heel Men's and Womwyn's basketball teams are both ranked #1 in the nation???

Oh wait, sorry, my mistake, they're #10.

Oh yeah, it's the UCONN Huskies that are both #1. My bad.

Rock-cock Jay-hawk

Michigan St. got nothin. They looked absolutely terrible against Kansas last night. Not a scary looking #3 team.

Kansas, on the other hand, looked scary good for about 25 minutes. Of course in typical Kansas fashion they started to blow it in the second half. And they no longer have the kid from the "zoom zoom" commercial on their team.

Free . . .

Charlie V!

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oh, come on now . . . lionel who?

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