Klutch.xls: lionel who?

Dear Sirs,

Hello. Is it me you're looking for? Heh. Thought you could pull the wool over my eyes, did you? I'm sorry. I apologize. I am just not buying it. You, sirs (or madam) are not Lionel Ritchie. Though I have to admit your woody voice is inviting, and there is quite a bit of intrigue in those deep brown eyes you present to me, you are not Lionel Ritchie. Numerous voice mails for conference calls, interview requests and photo shoots will not fool this whipper snapper. I know for sure and have sources in fact that prove to me that you are not Lionel Ritchie.

No Jerry Curl, no Afro Glow will blind these eyes, my friend.

Again, I am sorry. I just cannot believe that you are Lionel Ritchie.


Mr. xls

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