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Klutch.xls: Short-shorts

If you are looking for sexual intrigue, then Klutch.xls aka "Short-shorts" is your man. This tan mustachioed fellow can be found cruising up and down the boardwalk in his yellow T-top firebird; girls on roller skates spinning and cooing as he passes by.

See, here's the story: back in the late 80's bad cop Bill Pullman and Short-shorts hatched a plan to steal a whole load of Medi-care kick-backs being embezzled by crooked senator Gary Busy. The plan developed very slowly through the early nineties and was fueled by countless kilos of that Accella train commonly known in southern California as "jock dust;" known better to you as cocaine.

All they needed was a way into the Busey compound.

Short-shorts used his Polish-Irish-Italian-American charm, a woody voice and two pints of coniac to seduce then Busey-girlfriend Catherine Zeta Jones and gain access to the fortress. As she writhed in pleasure, Jones' screams drowned out the sounding alarms allowing Pullman to enter, grab and dash out with the loot without being noticed.

Since then, and before joining the RobotSyndicate, Short-shorts has "gone-solo."

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