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Five (5)

Five years ago just happens to mark a very significant life change for Mr. Klutch.xls, coincedentally, the same time as the birth of Happyrobot.

I went urban. Sort of.

I had been living in New Haven, CT home of the ivy'd walls of Yale University. I was sick of living next to the god-awful priveledged students; sick of missing the Q-dogg; sick of being disrespected at a dead end job; sick of being held up at gunpoint.

So I decided to move to Boston. Well, Cambridge actually. Home of Harvard University; even more obnoxious elitist snob students; four professional sports teams that I abhore; a five year string of dead end disrespectful jobs; etc.

Five years ago I had not yet reconnected with the HonkeyCracker. I had not yet sucked him to Boston, not yet hired him at a dismal failing not for profit arts institution.

I didn't know what a robot was. I certainly didn't know what happy was either.

Five years ago we went to some weirdo party at Brandeis. It was the same night that Duke was playing North Carolina.

Five years ago I still had faith that I could perform on the stage. I had even auditioned once or twice in this fair city.

Five years ago the University of Connecticut men's basketball team was on their way to a 34-2 season, a national championship, and a 77-74 victory over the Duke Blue Devils.

I think I was listening to "Neu-swing" and Wyclef five years ago. Something I am neither proud of nor embarrased about.

Five years ago we hung at the Druid, more so that we do today.

Five years ago I wanted to be a rock star when I grew up.

I still do.

And I will.

Hapee Fiver Robos! Thanks for letting me join in on the phun!

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