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Klutch.xls: 3 (three) is the magic # (number)

In the perfect world, there would be no voting. There would be no "presidente", no "commandante", no authority.

I would like to take a second to quote "Dave", self proclaimed "dude of life", and say:

"I have a dream of Anarchist schools, where the children would run free."

HonkeyCracker and I discussed this idea of Anarchist children running free the other night, and considering my fear of teens, it really doesn't seem like that great of an idea . . . so maybe you should just disregard that quote. Perhaps a better "Dave" quote, one I could attach my political views to, would be this:

"I am lying here on my bed. Hulk Hogan is staring down at me."

If you know me, you know that I live in varying worlds of reality. The world where I am a rock star. The world that is against me. The world where I am "working for the weekend", wnating to "bang on these drums all day."

So, here's how I rank the current political candidates:

1. Weirdo Rock Star Dream World: Last election I voted for our very own HonkyCracker to be Commisioner of the School Lunch Program, or some such thing. Once that kid turns 36 and is of legal age to run for president his getting my vote each and every year. Unless he's running against my mother. Or a pair of nice pants.

2. I am blessed that we have chosen to settle down, have lots of cats, and register to vote in Massachusetts. Chances are, especially if the nominee for the Dems is John Kerry, Bush won't have a shot in hell here. Nader never has/never will have a shot to win it all, but he'll get my vote in MA. We proved last time that the popular vote doesn't matter.

3. Let's say somehow Kerry is polling a little too close to Bush come October/November in the commonwealth. Hmmm . . . don't know what I would do about that one.

Anyway, I guess the point of today is to pick our winner (or whiner) of the Presidential election. Perhaps I will be the first here in RobotLand to say it, I think the Dems are gonna take this one.

The people in FLA and NH who voted for Nader last time are, I am sure, still kicking themselves in the asses each and every day. They will either A) Not Vote or B) Send it Kerry's way.

I really think Kerry will get all of the Gore voters, especially if the Dems are smart and take John Edwards as VP. Then we could see a small percentage of the appathetic non-voters who absolutely hate Bush, cast their vote for Kerry as well.

It's going to come down to energizing the appathetics who hate Bush. Drag them out of their houses. Get them to vote.

I think Nader may be the one to help do this. He can hit Bush in places Kerry wouldn't dare to go. He can talk about Bush in relation to Corporate Campaign Funding, Halliburton, etc. The Dems would be terrified to do this cause their pockets are just as fat.

Also, Nader has said he will stump for Dems running for the House and Senate along the way. This is just as important as winning the Presidency, in my opinion. It will bring out voters who are concerened about their local economy, and force them to vote on the big issues.

It would be tremendous for Bush to be outted this election, but wouldn't it be sweeter if he was impeached?

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