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Klutch.xls: Welcome to Boston!

Dear DNC Deligates (or DiNC's as I like to call you,)

We're glad to have the opportunity to show off our wonderful city! Well, sort of. You see, it's not really Boston anymore.

You won't acctually meet or even see any people from Boston. The mayor told us all to go away for the week. Those of us that can't afford to take off for the week, you won't be seeing us either. We'll be tied up trying to get through mandatory bag searches on our way to work. Right outside of my work, well, they've towed all of our cars. Usually this is a busy thriving part of town,but you won't get to see that.

Usually the streets and sidewalks here are a mess. It's kind of charming actually, our disfunctional little home. You won't see that though cause somehow they have managed to repave, pour concrete, etc. That's ok. Try to make it back in a year or two. It will have been neglected again between now and then.

Oh, and just for the record, all the convenient public transportation signage? That's not Boston. That's some other place. Those cute little shops that sell trinkets ungerground while you are waiting for the "T," never seen those before last week.

Yeah, and you might think the purchase of a "Yankees Stink" t-shirt is quaint. Up until last week those shirts read "Yankees Suck!" I guess someone just thought that was a little to "Boston."


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heh this is what blogocracy looks like

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