why i love ricardo??//??/


Klutch.xls: Rules of Engagement

With the x-smash upon us I thought I would reiterate the very important rules of the season.

Giving and Receiving

1. All gifts should be wrapped in plain colored butchers paper.

2. Gift tags should only read "To:" being followed by the gift recipients name. No "From:" on the tags is permitted.

3. The middle sister will play "Santa" as the rest of us will be smoking and handling gifts while smoking can be dangerous.

4. Once all gifts are distributed each person will retire, alone, to their pre-designated room. Please take your gifts with you.

5. Unwrap your gifts. Enjoy them for a moment or two. Place them neatly back in their packaging. This should take no more than 5 minutes.

6. Everyone shall return to the "Living" or other group room making no mention of the gifts they received.

7. Return to normal life activities as if nothing has just transpired.

If we all follow these simple rules we can have, for once, a guilt free and somewhat enjoyable christsmash.

Thank you.

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criminally insane??!?!/1?!!? why i love ricardo??//??/

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