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Best Birthday Ever

Happybirthday Happyrobot. I hope you make some time for yourself today to remove your pants.


I don't care much for my own birthday and frankly, I don't rememeber many of them. Here's two that I remember distinctly with warm, fond thoughts:

The Birthday I Spent Alone

I was living in New Haven, CT and the Q-Dogg was in Boston. My closest friend and drinking buddy was out of town. My born-again-christian roomates were nowhere to be found, no doubt hanging with a friend called "Pooh Bear." I never, ever go to bars alone, but I thought that on this birthday I should take myself out. I went to my favorite place, Rudy's, and purchased a lager. I drank the beer (one) and then turned around and went home. That night I wrote a song called "Chxxs Roxxl he's so cool, it's his birthday and he's all alone." People tell me this song is the brand that sticks in your head.

The Birthday nobody knew about

The year I lived in London no one knew it was my birthday. If I remember correctly I was able to slip it by everyone and spend it alone beneath the covers with all of my stuff. Until I got a call from the Queen Mother. But it was a wrong number.

Happy Happy!

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