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they call it "blogging?"

I've been "bloggy" this week. It's weird. Not really like me.

I realize that I am not all that comfortabel writing about myself.

But today I'll do it anyway.

FAWM is turning out to be a real f'ing failure. I had a second night this week in the house alone where I could "rock out." and it was a miserable wreck. The problem is that I am unable to actually record anything. Here's the issue:

F'ing 4-track

The desired method is to record on the analogue 4-track. There's nothing like the sound of the hiss, the movement of the tape. Mixing and bouncing tracks on the fly. The depth of the ambient sounds in the room.

The major issue is that there is a short in the electrics. This is just a cheapo Taskam so I'm not going to have it fixed or anything. But I am also unable to record anything on it cause it turns off randomly at will.

F'ing Computer Junk

It's called "latency." The internal Dell soundMAX soundcard can record sound more quickly than it can play it out of memory. Example: Track one records perfectly, track two is recorded while track one plays. When the two are merged or played back at the same time they are not syncd. So, say, the vocal track is about a full second off of the quitar track. I suppose I could add a clap track to each and then try and line them up, but that would be a lot of work. And I probably would have to scrap any digital rythem section I wanted to create.

It's only Feb 4th, so perhaps all is not lost, but this means that at some point I would have to start recording at least a song per day. A trip to Montreal in the middle of the month won't allow that. I was hoping to get 4 completed in the first 4 days to ease the end of the month . . . no such luck. The good part is that I have actually played my guitar every day for a week, which I haven't done in a long time, and I have 8 ideas that just need to be fleshed out. That's 8 more than I had last week.

On the brighter side, I had this lovely exchange with the Q-dogg last night:

Klutch: I want to go to the gym and play basketball tomorrow but all those stupid MIT kids will be there.

Q-Dogg: No they won't, they'll all be at the frat house sticking their heads in the toilet and eating eachothers poops.


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