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It wasn't just what she said. It was the condescending way it was presented. I am forgiving, and I am a Libra. I often assume my antagonist is ignorant, refusing to believe professional people could act in such petty and malicious ways. I am naive. No amount of situational experience prepares me for the next blow.

It crushes the soul and the spirit. Two things I have long determined I don't believe in but still throw around in daily conversation. Like a wrench smashing down on the outer wall of the chest, then the lungs, then the heart while the flames of anxiety lick upwards encasing the stomach, the pancreas, the abdomen.

It is a challenge. I enjoy a challenge. It annoys me when I am confronted in a passive-aggressive manner, and I respond to the threat, and the agressor backs down. I want to be called out. If backed into a corner I will fight my way out. I long for a worthy adversary. And it is the "worth" that is missing.

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