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Grandma Smartypants

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My Grandma is 1,000 years old.

I called to fill her in on my new upgraded life avec aforementioned baby Robot. I described all the new programs that were fed to the Robot by Mike Daisey (is it me or are all the starz 2 B in the 718? The Happyrobot/Sanchez Family, Mikey Daisey, Matt Johnson, Zefrank, Dan "say I'm from Minority Report not Patch Adams" London...) and the new toyz it got to play with from Mr. & Mrz. Happyrobot.

Now, all this is coming out of my tech illiterate mouth, so it's essentially jargon, translated into Swahili, translated into bad Spanish pop, and translated back into Appalacian Mountain Speak. And going straight into Grandma's addled 1,000 year old brain.

Here's how it came out:

"Grandma! Jambo! 1010 MAC MAC MAC Oye mi amor, porque se fue sin pantalones? Yee-haw. I don't listen to hip hop, i listen to hick hop! Who let the hogs out? iMAC iMAC iMAC?"

Grandmas response:

"Oh, I see. So this macintosh thing is more of a way of life than just a computer."

I'm thinking my older sister was right.

I probably was adopted.

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