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new things i gots  
- cable teevee. i haven't had cable teevee in FOREVER (you may remember that we've had rabbit ears pulling in a weak but clear signal on local channels) but craig and i decided to take the plunge and get cable because what else is there for a housewife to do but watch soaps...i mean, the news? plus, i can get in on all my fav shows like gilmore girls, joey, everyday italian and arrested development! i LOVE arrested development. i love it so much that i'm watching the new, third season even though i haven't seen the second season.

- a new car. we ditched our gas-guzzling SUV in favor of a brand new, cool toyota matrix. it's sooo cool. and i've been driving around with the same tank of gas for TWO WEEKS. the SUV we had needed gas every 8 minutes. seriously. craig went out and did the car buying thing one saturday. he left at 8am and returned home at 8pm. why is car buying such a hassle?

- a new carseat. the accoutrements a baby needs is NEVERENDING (see below as well). she outgrew her "infant" carseat so we had to buy another car seat so giant mcgee (ella face) can ride in the car safely. luckily, you can spend a little extra cash and get a seat that will fit kids until they're like 13. otherwise you have to buy like 12 more seats before they can be buckled in like a regular person. on a side note, on several occasions i have seen people either driving around town with one kid buckled in with an an INFANT on the kid's lap or a bouncy seat buckled in to a car with a baby in it, or even a baby riding in the front seat on the lap of an adult and i start to hypervenilate and have to tell myself "it's okay. it's okay. they'll be okay".

-highchair. ella has started eating one meal of solids. and i use the term "solids" loosely. i don't really call mushed up sweet taters and bananas "solids". but you can now call her poops "solids" so maybe that's where the term comes from! anyway, here's the thing about baby accoutrements: 95 percent of them are UGLY. soooooooooo ugly. now, if you like tropical fish prints, if you like winnie the pooh, if you like clowns, then you're in luck. but if you just want a plain high chair that, say, matches your understated kitchen, forget it. we choose the least offensive highchair we could find and it has a tiny little giraffe on it's plaid cover. plaid - eh. there IS a nice eddie baurer wooden highchair out there and i'm still pining for it a little bit but it seems to be for older babies and it's not what we needed right now plus, the cover was a brown plaid. i also had to search high and low for a nice looking carseat to match my car's interior. is it SO strange to want a car seat to match the interior? (oh - you CAN get a cool cow covered carseat but it'll cost you!) why would i want a carseat that's brown and yellow? or off-white? my new career is going to be designing nice looking, inexpensive childrens stuff.

-a baby that won't nap. my baby. she won't nap. well, she naps like three times a day for 30-45 minutes. that's it. i spend like 10 waking hours with her a day. now, my mom says that me and my brothers slept like 2 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon. no wonder she had three kids. i'd have 8 kids if my day was like THAT. hopefully, those naps will merge into one longer one in the afternoon. but for now, my baby don't sleep. (i've read the baby whisperer, the no-cry sleep solution and healthy sleep habits, happy baby to no avail.)

-halloween treat. my brother jim's girlfriend lives in minnesota and they do things a little different up there. she brought a halloween treat over to my parent's house last weekend. it was candy corn mixed with dry-roasted peanuts. and it is GOOD. it sounds weird and it is weird but it's tasty so i like it. (i don't specifically know if it's a minnesota treat or what but she said it tastes like a salted nut roll. you can imagine that my brothers and my husband had a field day with the words "salted nut roll".)

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