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october 12 - six!  
6 months! there's something about kids and the way we measure their age in months for the first couple of years that makes it go SO fast.

i'd like to give a laundry list of everything new and smart that ella is doing (almost sitting up!) but really, there's so much stuff that it's hard to keep track. suffice to say, she is growing. she goes next week for her 6 month check-up and i can only assume the doctor will have to tape TWO height charts together in order to measure her. she is so tall that she's outgrowing her 9 months clothes already - she's like a soc from "the outsiders" with their highwater chinos. (i watched 15 min of "the outsiders" yesterday. so awesome.) i have a little thing i do with her where i stand her up in my lap and sing a song that goes like this: "tall girl tall girl, she's a very tall girl, tall girl tall girl, she's very tallllll annnnnnd prettttty." she seems to like it. (the first part of the song is a tune that sounds suspiciously like the song "fish heads fish heads, roly poly fish heads..." if you happen to know it.) sorry elle, for singing a song that sounds like the fish heads song.

for now, ella will continue to flourish with lovely playdates with adam river rat and all the other baby boys we know - there's seems to be a run on boy babies lately.

happy 6 months, little punkinhead!

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