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practical jokes and hoaxes  
i've been the butt of many a practical joke and hoax in my time, including but not limited to:

-the one where i thought i'd never get old
-the one where i thought my ex-boyfriend was straight
-the one where i planned to get an epidural during labor
-the one where i thought i'd be richer, prettier, smarter and skinny by now
-the one where i convinced myself for 8 minutes that the lauren hutton face disc was worth 30 bucks
-the one where "i can make it through this yellow light, no prob"
-the one where lisa and i went to see "the crying game" on the advice of another friend because she said it was "sooooooooo good"
-the one where i was the most popular girl in school
-the one where i didn't think i had to study
-the one when i was 21 and 31 seemed so. far. away.
-the one where i didn't think i had to balance my checkbook
-the one where the gas light coming on means i have plenty of gas to get to the next station
-the one where i'd get a baby that napped regularly
-the one with tom cruise and katie holmes (i'm foreshadowing here)
-the one where i thought my parents would never get old
-the one where people say cottage cheese in lasagna is just as good as ricotta cheese or that spaghetti squash is a great replacement for real pasta
-the one where we'd be best friends forever. also, the one where it was true love forever
-the one where i take life too seriously

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