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i had always thought to myself - hey, when i'm home all day i'll have time to exercise more - and while it's true, ella and i do take a 40 minute walk everyday - i also have more time to EAT. so, there you go.

here's what i've been eating lately:

- chedder jack cheez-its. these are just regular cheez-its with some sort of deelish outer coating that makes them all crazy salty and cheezy. and artery clogging, one presumes.
- fage greek style yogurt. or "yoghurt" according to the web site. greek style yogi is like eating cream cheese and is soooo good. i like to swirl in a little juice-sweetened strawberry jam.
-raspberry sours altoids. i think altoids has gone a little koo-koo with all their new products but i DO like these sours. it's just enough sour to kill your taste buds and then it's yummy raspberry. i love all things raspberry except the actual fruit - i hate the little seeds in my teeth.
-honey crisp apples (see, it hasn't been ALL junk i've been eating!). honey crisps are soooo crispy and juicy and sweet - i love them. they're never crappy or mealy or tart like some apples can get. i can usually only find these guys at whole foods or wellspring markets.
-cheddar corn chowder a la barefoot contessa. i made barefoot contessa's cheddar corn chowder last night and it. is. good. i plan on making it all winter. if you click on the link above, it will take you to a site that has the recipe posted (you may want to halve the recipe - i halved it and it still made oodles). watch out for the tumeric - it will stain all your white stirring spoons if you're not careful! also, if you want to call it "chorn cowder" like i was doing last night, go ahead. oh, p.s to rich: show me corn!

one thing i'm not eating:
-edamame. i had read in several places about edamame and how tasty they are right out of a bowl with a little salt. so i tried it. and yeeeech. maybe i got a bad package. maybe i didn't cook them properly (it was a frozen bag of organic pods from wellspring). i salted the hell out of them and it still didn't make me want to eat them like popcorn (as one article i read suggested). yeech.

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