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Punkin carving and one confused ladybug!  
craig's mom and dad sent us a really cool pumpkin carving kit for halloween. it has all these neat carving tools and stencils. so at my mom and dad's yesterday we had a pumpkin carving party. the results are below (from left to right):

my brother jim used a cool stencil and did a billowy ghost; my mom did a cute face with koo-koo eyelashes; my brother gary did a scary jason hockey mask (he used a drill to make the tiny holes in the mask); gary's girl kristin did a funky face with x-ed out eyes; i went the martha stewart route and did polka dots that didn't go all the way through the pumpkin flesh - i thought it was neat but everyone else thought it was retardo; and finally, craig did ella's name but then added the spooky blood drops colored with red food dye. we all cast our votes and jim won first prize (which was 5 bucks - that's all my mom had in her wallet!). craig won second prize ($2 in change - we're pathetic). also, ella isn't looking at the camera because she's too busy staring at her crazy uncles.

when we got home, craig took the black, orange and purple halloween lights (target sells everything for halloween!) i had hung up on our porch and stuffed some of them into our pumpkins and as it turns out, mine looks AWESOME! so there, fam damily! (sorry for the blurry night photo - i don't know how to take a photo at night on my digital without the flash lighting it up like the fourth of july.)

and finally, ella asks: why is hell is everyone laughing at me?!?!?!

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