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seven seven seven  
while ella's seventh month birthday is still two days away, she and i will be away at nana and poppa's house in CT for a few days, minus craig so i am posting early. i am hoping to get in lots of reading and sudoku and naps since i'll have the grandparents as attentive nannies but since ella recently has to either be attached to my hip or have me within a foot from her at all times, i have a feeling i won't get too much R&R on my own.

on the eating front, ella loves graham crackers, gerber fruit puffs and cheerios. what is up with babies and cheerios? i guess to them they're fun little shapes. coincidentally, mattie the dog also has developed a liking for graham crackers, gerber fruit puffs and cheerios. need i say she's cute? the past few weeks she's really become animated - throwing her arms up in the air, picking and choosing what toys she wants to play with and laughing when craig and i laugh just because it's fun.

a couple weeks ago she regressed to getting up almost every two hours at night for a few nights in a row and i almost had a nervous breakdown; still, after seven months, i find myself marveling at when i became a mother and STILL wondering whether i am any good at it...and also still trying to just roll with the punches. craig and i still lay awake at night talking about her and say over and over "i can't believe she's ours" - it's so hard to comprehend and i'm not quite sure one ever gets over the idea that their children are a part of them.

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