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› Sunday 11/6/2005
Tropical Depression:  Colorado, pt. 2
Solstice:  X
› Monday 11/7/2005
elanamatic:  Big mouth
Film and Television Rights:  In the Olden Times
Art Colony:  in the event of something happening to me
› Tuesday 11/8/2005
Pony:  It has occurred to me that
› Wednesday 11/9/2005
elanamatic:  Stoopid monkey
Pony:  I am so going to get burned for writing this:
Robot Journal:  The one where I wonder how things get green lighted
Art Colony:  it's a good thing I'm here
Sunshine Jen:  Soduku
Lisa Says:  seven seven seven
› Thursday 11/10/2005
The Wrong Squid:  Morans can't drive in the rain iPod 5
elanamatic:  the salami asskicker
Cootie Girl:  the standings ... (not that anyone cares)
Gator Country:  timing
Nutshell Kingdom:  You've Got the Butterflies All Tied Up
Ornithopter:  erp
Art Colony:  who's stealing the blankets?
Ornithopter:  Ellipses...
Pony:  remember here by music
› Friday 11/11/2005
Solstice:  Vision Video
Nutshell Kingdom:  New Armenia
Post-Modern Drunkard:  People say that life is the thing, but I prefer movies
Tropical Depression:  Movies, with expose!
Cootie Girl:  movies that might have moved me
The Wrong Squid:  Cheese it, it's Mr. Byg!
Gator Country:  movietime
Honky Cracker:  You Like Movies? I Gotcher Damn Movies
Klutch.xls:  Back in NYC
Pony:  Movies that rocked my world in high school/university
Nutshell Kingdom:  Movies
Robot Journal:  Noteworthy movies from my college era
Ornithopter:  Movies and Whatnot
Sunshine Jen:  Good Movies I Found In College
Film and Television Rights:  Movies are Today's Topic
Nutshell Kingdom:  Other Cinematic Memories
Art Colony:  to top it all off: *my* movie list
› Saturday 11/12/2005
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Saturday is the New Friday Random Ten (11/12/05)