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- thanks for everyone's birthday wishes to ella. i've printed them out and put them in her scrapbook (and by "scrapbook", i mean "lazy mama's shoebox o' stuff"). ditto for my anniversary well wishes. what can i say - i've been around a loooong time.

- i am drinking a homemade iced coffee with hershey's dulce de leche syrup in it. i've comandeered some of ella's whole milk as well which has made my drink taste like melted coffee ice cream. mmmm.

-craig and i are preparing for our trip to alaska in june. apparently, the bugs are vicious and ferocious during june so we are buying bug nets that you wear around your head. plus, we'll be poisoning our bodies with DEET and other assorted chemicals. we've read and been told that the bugs will just swarm you so all of this is necessary. ick.

-i am hooked on i downloaded a "this american life" favorite show compilation that is great great great and i got the first season of the "ricky gervais show" which i am sure i don't even have to tell you is impossibly funny and crazy. sure, you can listen to this stuff for free online but i like to be able to download it and burn it onto a cd for the car or listen to it on my mp3 player (wish i could say my ipod but i'm the only one left in the world without one currently).

-there's a possibility that i will have to start shopping at the "leftorium" since i believe ella is a lefty. i'm not sure when a baby's dextrociousness works itself out, but she eats with her left hand, sucks her left hand thumb and draws with her left (she likes to draw. who knew?). i'm not prepared to raise a lefty!

-thanks, adina. i can't stop reading!!

-it's strawberry season in nc. we've been having strawberries A LOT. shortcake. pie. chocolate covered. dipped in sugar. super yum!

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