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i'm five (in happyrobot years)  
five years ago:

-i was 27 and 8 months
-i celebrated 7 months of marriage
-i lived in carrboro, nc and worked at unc
-i lived in an apartment complex where nate (river rat) lived (i'm not sure we were there at the same time...)
-rich got tired of me sending him funny (or not funny) emails about my days and suggested i just do a writey thing like kristen had at the time (the original "words from kristen"). or more likely, i whined and said "why can't i have a writey thing too!?" and voila. lisa says. i think rich thought up the name.
-i couldn't comprehend what 9/11 would mean
-i was paying the bills so craig could go back to school
-i thought by 2006 i'd have moved from nc already
-mattie the dog was an only child
-i didn't think i'd be where i am but i'm glad i'm here (doesn't everyone feel that way sometimes?)

five delicious things:
homemade apple pie for breakfast; cadbury mini-eggs; vanilla italian sodas; black bean soup with crushed tortilla chips, cheese and sour cream; and goat cheese on anything.

five songs:
teenage dirtbag by wheatus; sun comes up (it's tuesday morning) by cowboy junkies; sister golden hair by american; don't go back to rockville by rem; she bangs! she bangs! by william hung (ha ha).

playing favorites:
while i love you all equally the same, i DO have some favorite posts and because i'm a senior happyrobot i can post them here for all the world to see: nutshell kingdom's "fantasy wedding from a boy's perspective" and "10 little indians pt 2 (upon reflection) ; tim's! summer fiction post; dog year's five years post; i devoured all of pony's india posts while she was overseas (is it too broad to say just go read ALL of pony's posts?); when edgedweller was first online i obsessively read and re-read each post - hopefully you'll have them in your hand someday soon to read all you want; i go back and read through poop beetle all the time, especailly when she hasn't been around in awhile - i love some poop.; i used to get such a freakin' kick (pun totally intended) out of letters from pat and was humbled by letters from iraq (now offline); i miss adventures in dating and medium pimping and have been joyous ever since kristen made her cool ass return over at solstice; it goes without saying that robot journal is required reading the second a new post

but really, i spend most of my online time reading everything on happyrobot and lurking around the chatbot. i find myself saying to craig "guess what kiff did for adina's birthday?" or "you won't believe what stu and chris did to victoria!"and craig thinks i'm kookoo to talk about people i don't even know - but i do know you! anywho, i love this little club/cult and i'm crazy happy to have been apart of it for so long. i hope you're happy too.

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