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Erection Man Saves The Day
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Just some random stuff:

I have now caught the older Russian woman who works near my office listening to the Benny Hill theme four times in the last couple of weeks.

It is 64 degrees in my office. My hands are so cold I can barely type.

Yesterday I was having a really bad day until, as I was sitting on the subway, I noticed that the already annoying man who was standing in front of me wearing a "Mexico!" t-shirt and a fanny pack was sporting a half-master. This set me into a fit of inward giggles. I'm assuming it was brought on by the woman who, since the train was packed, was unfortunately pressed up against him. At first he tried to somehow jiggle it down by sort of shimmying around. This did not help at all, I can assure you (ahem.) Then, for some unknown reason, possibly because he is a perv, he tried to strike up a conversation with her! The poor woman was not taking the bait, thankfully. Stop after stop, the damn thing just would not go away. Finally, he got the bright idea to put his newspaper over it, but then he kept reaching up and scratching his nose with the newspaper hand. Finally, it was my stop. As I was making my way to the door, I heard him trying to make conversation with her again. Dude, just because some woman inadvertently sets off your uncontrollable wand of enchantment does not mean that she's interested in you.

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