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Just a quickie. Don't expect Joan Didion or nothin'.

This morning I had to take the train out to Brookline to go to my chiropractor's. At 10am there is no one on the train except for me and a bunch of crazy people. I first noticed him at Park Street when I heard some loud screaming. This is fairly normal for Park St., so I ignored it. Then I walked by a well dressed older man carrying a bunch of papers neatly tucked into a folder and a newspaper. As I passed him, he mumbled to himself, "I think Bill Clinton is a dope!" Alright, fair enough. You, sir, are entitled to your opinion. Then he screamed a few more times. I got on the car farthest from him so as not to be on his car in case he went berzerk (you never know.) Got a seat and as I was settling in, I looked up at the man sitting next to me and recognized the aforementioned folder and newspaper. He sat down and started ranting about how he had waited 10 minutes for the train. Join the club, crazy dude. I waited 20. He then turned to me and mumbled something unintelligible. Oh, great, now he's talking to me. Against my better judgement I said, "excuse me?" "I said, 'Do you think people around here give you a hard time?'"
I replied in the negative. "Well, I think they give you a hard time." Then he mumbled something about moving down south. Good idea. I hear it's Crazy Guy paradise down there.

On a completely different subject, when did people start pronouncing "Jaguar" as "Jagwire?" People, it's pronounced "jag-war." I'll even give you "jag-u-ar," even though I will think you are pretentious/British. But there is no wire anywhere in that word.

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