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Yiddish Proverbs for Chanukkah
Tonight's the first night on Chanukkah. We lit our menorah, gave G some gifts and got a wee bit festive. It's not my favourite holiday, but I'm trying to figure out how to spin a tradition for him that will be fun and memorable and not feel too forced.

I've been flipping through a book of Yiddish proverbs I dug up after our last move, and I'd forgotten about those gems! How I wish we had a surviving yiddish speaking bubbe to mutter these golden utterances under her breath.

And this brings me to the Yiddish proverb of the day:
Nor bei zein aigenem tish kenmen zat verren
Only at one's own table can one be sated.

Don't look to bubbes or neighbours or friends to define your holidays. Make your best holiday at your own table.

I'm gonna try to bring a proverb a day for each of the 8 days of this holiday. Just watch me.

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