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After seeing Amelie and the Royal Tenenbaums (both excellent, btw), I am starting to think that the internet has started to influence movie making.

I feel like films are being divided into rich, short, self-contained, non-linear segments that navigate much the same as an online story. "Click" on a person and you will get a flashback to their youth, a list of their likes and dislikes, and explanation of their clothes, etc. When you are done, you get pushed back to the narrative pool, splashing along to the next vignette.

I was telling this to Julia, and she said: "No, it's not a new way of storytelling at all. When my grandfather tells stories, it will go like this: '..and then he ran over to cousin Elke's house (cousin Elke--you know the one who always wore a bumblebee broach-- lost all the toes of her left foot when she was skating the Ottawa river in the blizzard of 1956) and said: 'Quick! bring me a bottle of Calamine!'"

The film Ali (I am seeing all the blockbusters these days) was also a sequence of several short scenes. Is it just me, or are scenes in films getting much shorter, but crammed with information these days? If so, do you think it is because of the internet or music videos or the ritalin generation, or what?

At any rate, these types of films seem conducive to building interesting complimentary websites .

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