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What do I want to do better in the New Year?
  • less nervous chatter

  • more writing

  • more dancing

  • write more letters

  • stop wiping my nose with my glove then touching railings

  • get an inspiring job or make my job inspiring

  • Not to meet sarcasm with sarcasm

  • get my driver's license

  • ask more questions

  • stop eating cheese

  • drink more water

  • stop smoking cigarettes

  • Leave before it gets stupid

  • start reading the Russians, but not necessarily Anna Karenina

  • floss and take vitamins

  • keep more secrets

  • give more massages

  • get more massages

  • read more poetry

  • stand on my head

  • never insult anyone's mom or dad

  • learn to pee where people can hear me without turning on the tap

  • get over my fear of David Hasselhoff

  • make my own lunches

  • watch more porn (unless it is starring anyone remotely resembling DH)

  • wear less black

  • put my socks in pairs before it gets ridiculous

  • raise my barrier for ridiculous

  • clean the toilet more thoroughly if I am thinking of drinking to the point of purging

  • do the dishes instead of leaving them for Adam

  • be less of a shtunk

  • Pick a really worthwhile fight with the government

  • Go somewhere
  • Get over my aversion to fish

  • dry my hands before opening the bathroom door

  • To stop snugglling gus, or get over my disdain for itchy hives

  • not to laugh about people's misfortunes unless they laugh first

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