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Speaking of Asians, you ever look at the blog "alllooksame"?
There is this diverting quiz where you look at 18 photos and guess if the person is Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. I scored 9. The average is score is seven.

The Japanese guy who made this site writes about the term banana (yellow on the outside and white in the middle). He coins the term custard buns (white on the outside and yellow in the middle). A girl I used to waitress with is Chinese, and she calls guys who dig Asian girls exclusively "rice heads". I have heard other terms for that but I can't remember them at the moment You think they have a term in Asian countries for guys who dig white chicks?

I am a bit wary of cultural commodification. I get so mad when I catch myself saying it is a shame for others to adopt Western culture, cuz lots of people say that, but then they think it is so cool and subversive to "go native" and adopt the habits/dress/food/expressions of a less accessible culture.

That said, one of my favorite nights includes going for Chinese food and then renting a kung-fu movie. Not that I am trying to imitate anyone, but I imagine people have nights like that all the time in Hong Kong.

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