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Happy Tuesday.Ice cream cake for dinner, ice cream cake for lunch. I love baskin robbins ice cream cake a whole bunch. It has been one week since I have been to the gym, and my muscles are atrophying, my belly is buddha-round, and my ass is shaking out of synch. Ttonight I will do all the running and shit. Or is this the beginning of the end of my gym career and I just haven't named it? I was all the way home with my gym bag yesterday when i realised I had meant to go to the gym. the guilt! Well, I got a lot of sunshine. I was dazzled. And I wanted nothing more than to walk to the market, sit in the window of Ideal Coffee and read my book. That's not lazy, is it?

Perhaps I need more fun ways to exercise. I am so excited about my new hours starting thursday, I decided to celebrate by going dancing with Jonah. that is movement, right?

The birthday party was fun. Loads of people. So many i could not really hang with anyone, which was frustrating. But loads of fun all the same, and Joey performed his traditional serenade on he accordian, which is always very loud and very special. Everyone had this to say: "your friends are all so nice!" I have to agree. I like those occassions when you can gather people in one space, look around, and feel blessed by all the groovy people you have gotten to know.

We got so may love-inspired gifts. massage oil, chocolate, negligee, champagne, dirty books and compilations of 70's sexorama hits. You'd think people want us to hump a lot, or something.

Can I tell you how happy I am to be leaving this job? I am training someone to do it today, and she is really excited about it, as her job sucked even harder. It is all a matter of degrees, as they say. I told someone here I was off, and he said, "I don't blame you."

Yesterday, it was colder than a witch's tit, also, as they say, a matter of degrees.

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